Global Photonix is a rising manufacturer of the LED module for the digital display industry. We began with the belief that there was a different narrative that needed to be shared about the industry and where it was going.

Global Photonix uses state of the art, fully dedicated manufacturing lines and protocols to assure our modules exceed all expectations. It is our dedication to the science and technology in the manufacturing process that set us apart.

We clearly saw the similarity between the new evolving digital display industry and the computer industry of the 1980’s.  

In the mid 1980’s there were over 150 computer companies building the new “microcomputer”. Each company had a different operating system that was closed to outside architecture. Each company claimed it had the best system in the industry. Some of those companies were extremely large and were considered the leaders in the industry – none of those companies are in business today. The reason for their failure was that the market demanded compatibility and ease of use across platforms, not proprietary closed architecture.

We understand that the most important component of digital displays is the LED module. It is the design and quality of the LED module that dictates how easy it is to use and how good the display looks in ever changing conditions.  Other digital display companies have not learned the lessons of the 80’s, they continue to focus on closed architecture/proprietary systems. We are different, that is why we specialize in manufacturing the highest quality LED modules in the industry that are compatible across all platforms.

We have been observing and participating in every stage of the digital display industry for years. Through those cumulative experiences, we have developed a vast knowledge of the science, engineering and advanced manufacturing technology involved in developing and producing superior LED module.  We currently build our products in Shenzhen China. We have integrated automated manufacturing resource planning, MRP, state of the art advanced manufacturing pick and place technology, advanced fault detection and conveyance technologies to provide higher resolutions for small, medium and large format digital displays at the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Global Photonix is also a full service digital display company. We are able to provide you with expert assistance for every facet of your project – you no longer have to research, interview, hire and manage numerous companies to complete your project. Please refer to the Services section of our website ( for a comprehensive list of services we offer. With our legacy of disciplines we can reach around the Globe with expert service, support and product.


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